We aim, through presenting certain points in this article, to introduce the construction system of “DIVARSAZEH3” for the mass and low cost construction of residential units. Naturally, a true assessment of the said system depends on knowledge of existing conditions and the factors and materials restricting construction in the region, and in this relation we will point to the most important issues.

  - Housing mass production of residential units and the industrial development of construction are strongly related and mutually influential issues. Whenever mass construction is considered, inevitably industrial development, as the most effective means for development in this field, is also considered. And the industrial development of construction has always prepared the grounds for the expansion of mass production.

- Nowadays the prevailing method of construction in the region is the traditional method, the quality of which cannot be controlled, and which lasts for a short time. Compared to what is achieved, the cost price of the traditional method is too high, and results in wasting national resources. The most important issue nowadays is the gradual and step-by-step shift from traditional to industrial methods of construction. The gradual shift seems necessary because of the traditional nature of construction and the manpower involved in it. In this regard it is necessary to use technologies acceptable to the existing manpower.

- Our region is prone to earthquakes, so construction methods should be organized with knowledge of related conditions. In these conditions, heavy and completely prefabricated systems will be too costly; on the other hand, there is limited experience in light construction in the region.

- Housing mass production in the region mainly means providing residences for middle and low-income classes who do not have sufficient financial resources; therefore, the low cost is the pivot of the design of the system.

- As there is limited experience in the region regarding light buildings, light systems do not seem efficient enough in the shift to industrial production.

- Regarding the importance of and the need for industrial development in construction and especially housing mass production at low cost, for Debleh Construction Company, with 28 years of experience in designing and executing numerous projects, the industrial development of construction has been the leading item on the agenda since 1377 (1998). The company hopes to have an influential role in a breakthrough in this field. To reach this goal, the company moved to equip a group of experts with skills in system designing, and this group managed to study and examine several systems. Surveying, studying and assessing facilities, resources, capacities and the quality of the man power regarding these construction systems – to cause the development of these systems all over the country of the country, the group has been able to organize several construction systems suitable for the conditions and facilities of the country and hopes – with defining suitable projects and direct experience.

One of these systems is "DIVARSAZEH3" , which has been developed according to projects of concentrated, mass and low cost housing construction. This system is highly suitable for low cost projects with the minimum of 20000 square meters of area, which have been defined as concentrated, and is almost unrivaled. Fortunately, this system has been architecturally designed and then executed for the following projects, by our company:

1- The project of 1000 rental residential units in Khoram Abad
2- The project of 500 rental residential units in Gharchak, Varamin
3- The project of 500 rental residential units in Damavand
4- The project of 800 rental residential units in Nasimshahr

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