1. Name and kind of company:

Debleh construction company (Private joint stock company).

2. Establishing year:

Debleh construction company was registered at the Registration of the Companies and Industrial Ownership of Tehran Department in 1974 under  No:20116

3. Subject of the company:

According to the contents of the constitution, the activities of the company are in the field of contracting of any kind of construction works, civil and installation works plus all technical affairs, engineering, providing and procuring all the requirements of the above mentioned complexes, including providing material of the parts, instruments, equipment and required machineries and performing any kind of commercial actions which are related to the abovementioned works, such as import and export, accepting and granting agency and selling the products and depended industries.
 The company can perform all or a part of the above mentioned activities personally or with incorporation of the person or real or legal identity domestic or foreign.

4- Kind of activities:

A part of the experiences of this company can be briefed as follows:
Sanitary treating complexes such as hospitals and medical training centers administrating and residential complexes industrial complexes.
Dormitory complexes.
Tunneling, vertical shafts with big mouths and carrying out underground operations.
Executional management of building projects.
Design of residential complexes.

5- Grading :

Debleh construction Co. has been graded in the following branches by the "Plan and Budget Organization of Iran".

 - Building Branch (Grade 8, the highest grade in Iran).
 - Tunneling branch.

6- Memberships :

Member of guild society of construction companies.

7- Organization :

Central part of Debleh company consists of 110 technical, Executional, administrative and service personnel of  which about 40 ones are engaged in administrative activities in central office and the remaining are active in executional sites as central part. Presently the projects of the company which are under the process are being managed with the aid of computerized project control syste in relation between central office and project sites.

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