As was said before, this system is suitable for mass, centeralized and low-cost projects, and has been organized in accordance with the present facilities, conditions and needs of the country.

The order of the  "DIVARSAZEH3" system includes the following three parts:

1.1. The basic information system:

1.1.1. This includes a collection of software which enables the users, whether employers, consultants or project executives to have all the necessary information for decision making at their disposal at the phase of project definition. This information includes precise details of all resources from manpower, machinery and equipment, materials to the cost price and the time for executing the project.

1.2. Technological documents include:

Drawings, details, specifications and standards related to the "DIVARSAZEH3" system
Drawings, details and specifications related to architectural designing
1.2.3. Drawings, details and specifications of the structure, electrical and mechanical installations.
1.2.4. Comprehensive shop drawings.

1.3. The project control system:

1.3.1. For the optimum control of the project and to guarantee the highest possible degree of holding the goals of the project, a system of computerized controlling has been organized for the project so that the executive group might be able based on the reports that it prepares for the different levels of management and with weekly instructions for supervisors and daily instructions for all the individuals working on the project to control the progress of the project and the cost price of the project.

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